Description WUXAL Super Amino is used as a general supplementary foliar feed in horticulture and agriculture for the prevention or elimination of nutrient deficiencies in a wide range of crops. It contains biostimulating aminoacids and all micronutrients indicated for sustaining plant growth under stress conditions. The addition of a concentrate of 20 different and natural amino acids improves the biostimulating effect of the formulation (improved fruit set, less preharvest fruit drop, less stress derived from the use of pesticides etc.) WUXAL Super Amino contains a lot more of different types of amino acids (mainly proline, alanine, glycine and threonine). WUXAL Super Amino is used preferably for foliar fertilization, but can be used in fertigation as well, and has proved to be very successful for hydroponics. Due to the additives in the formulation, the rate of nutrient uptake is high, and due to the wide range of aminoacids present in the formula this uptake is very quick Application In order to achieve an improvement of the foliar fertilization effect, applications should be effected in the early morning, early evening or during cloudy weather

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