TWIGAMECTIN acts by inhibiting transmission of nerve impulse leading to paralysis of susceptible insects/mites. The pests stop feeding immediately limiting crop damage. The pest is killed in 3- 4 days through contact and stomach action. It also has tranlaminar activity hence offers a resevoir of active ingredient within the leaf and does not have cross resistance with other insecticides/miticides. It is applied as a foliar spray at the rate of 10ml/20l of water ensuring thorough wetting of the crop applied at first signs of infestation with a post harvest interval of 7 days. It photo-degrades rapidly, binds strongly to soil preventing entry into the aquatic environment.

Additional Information

Target pests/pathogens mites, leaf miners

Active ingredient(s) Abamectin 18g/L

Recommended application method Foliar

Normal mode of action contact and systemic

Country of origin Kenya


REG NO:PCPB(CR)0700-p(ii)
Nairobi Industrial

Industrial area, Ol-kalou Rd, Nairobi- Kenya

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