Granusol WSF (NPK 15:10:14 + Te)


Granusol WSF (NPK 15:10:14 + Te) is a water soluble fertilizer used for drip and overhead irrigation for crops grown in the soil. COMPOSITION: 15% Total Nitrogen (10.3% nitrate nitrogen + 5.1% urea), 10% Phosphate P2O5 soluble in water, 14.6% Potassium Oxide Soluble in water, 12% Calcium Oxide, 0.1% Iron, 0.05% Manganese, 0.05% Copper, 0.02% Zinc, 0.02% Boron and 0.001% Molybdenum. The NPK ratios are well balanced to ensure optimal uptake by plants through drip and overhead irrigation and the trace elements are chelated using the latest chelating technology for optimal uptake through the leaf system. The fertilizer guarantees 100% solubility requiring less or no agitation; this allows it to be applied at maturity leaving no residues at harvest. It formulated with MV10 allowing nutrients to be immediately availed and quickly absorbed by plants.

Additional Information

Fertilizer function It is a water soluble fertilizer providing crops and soil with NPK plus trace elements.



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